How long does it take to install my new solar power system on my home?

Small systems take about 2-3 hours to install, while larger solar panel systems take between 4-6 hours. An Envirosolar Power representative will work with your schedule for the installation.

What do I do if my solar system is not working properly?

Contact the Envirosolar Power Customer Service department immediately if you believe your system is not working properly. An Envirosolar Power representative will inspect your system to determine if there are indeed any issues. Any adjustments will then be made to ensure that your system works properly, whether it be replacing equipment or additional labor.

Do I own my solar panels?
Yes, by partnering with Envirosolar Power, you become the sole owner of your solar systems and the electricity produced by the panels.
What happens if I sell my house after installing solar panels?
As you are the owner of the solar panels, ownership of the panels is transferred to the new home owner. Homes with solar also tend to sell up to four times faster than homes without solar and at a significantly increased price.
Will solar panels work on my type of roof?
Yes, Envirosolar Power has the necessary materials perform solar installations on all types of roofs (tile, composition, metal, etc.).
Why do you need my electric usage to design a solar system for my house?
Your electric usage is the basis for your energy package design. We first assess how much energy you are currently using, and then determine how to reduce that amount with a custom energy package. We don’t want to oversell you on panels that you will not use!
Does my system work if the power goes out?
That depends; if you also have solar energy storage then yes your system will continue to work in the event of a power outage. If you lack solar storage then you are susceptible to power outages when the sun is not out.
Are there any costs for maintenance and upkeep on our solar panel system?
No, there is no need for homeowners to provide maintenance or upkeep to their solar systems. Each system comes with a 25 year warranty. If you feel there is an issue with your solar system, please contact Envisolar Power immediately.
How do I know if the system is working?
You are able to track your panel’s production via your solar meter. Some energy companies may also provide a production reading on your bill. If you have questions regarding your solar system’s productivity, please contact Envirosolar Power.
What if the system produces more energy than anticipated?
What if the system produces more energy than anticipated?
Why should I choose solar?
Solar energy is constant, dependable, abundant, clean, and beneficial to your finances. Solar allows you to create your own clean energy, increase the value of your home and saves you money in electricity costs. It is a smart decision for you, your family, your pocketbook, and the planet!
What is the federal tax credit? How does it work?
The federal tax credit is a federal law in place until the end of 2016, stating that any solar panel system installed qualifies for a tax credit equal to 30% of the system’s purchase price. This credit lowers your tax liability, which in turn, lowers the overall cost of the solar system. Contact Envirosolar Power at any time for further clarification or questions regarding the federal tax credit.
How do I know if my house is good for solar?
Houses with South or West-facing roofs and minimal tree coverage are the best homes for solar. Houses with East-facing roofs can be a viable option depending on the amount of roof space covered in shade. If you are interested in solar for your home, please schedule a free energy assessment so, we can create a customized plan for your home!
When will my system be installed?
It will take 30-45 days after you commit to going solar for your solar installation to take place. During that time, Envirosolar Power pulls the proper permits and with works your HOA (if applicable) to ensure all requirements for the installation are met.
What if I need to repair my roof?
Please contact Envirosolar Power before making repairs to your roof. An Envirosolar Power crew will remove the panels for the repairs, if necessary, and reinstall the system after the repairs are complete. Depending on the situation, you may be charged a fee for the removal and re-installation of your system. Please contact Envirosolar Power with any questions pertaining to roof repairs.
Do I need to clean my solar panels?

If there is limited rainfall in a 3-4 month period you may find it necessary to spray your solar panels off with a common garden hose. Cleaning them is that easy!

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