Committing to adding solar panels to your home is a great investment not only in the future of this planet, but in increasing the value of your home. This investment is not one to be taken lightly and homeowners frequently ask, “How much do solar panels cost?”
The truth is that it can depend on several factors.
One factor that affects how much solar panels will cost you is the size of the system that you are installing. Depending on the energy needs of your home and family, a larger system may be required in order to meet your needs.
Another factor that affects how much your solar panels will cost is the robustness of the panels that you will be installing. This is to say that not all solar panels are created equally; there are variations in efficiency from model to model. At Envirosolar Power, we work within your budget to achieve your home solar goals.
The final factor that will affect the cost of your solar panels is when you decide to go solar. Currently, there are extensive solar tax incentives that make it significantly cheaper to install solar panels. The current solar tax incentives translate into a 30% saving when you go solar for the rest of the year. Following the end of 2016, these savings will go down considerably.
The best way to learn how much solar panels will cost you is to schedule a completely free, no obligation in home energy assessment with Envirosolar Power and have a trained specialist assess your home when it is convenient to you. It costs you nothing but can save you a lot!

It’s time to go solar

By going solar you can expect to significantly reduce your energy bill every month. Over the lifetime of your panels you can expect them to pay for themselves several times over!

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