Don’t be tricked into thinking maintaining solar panels is difficult and time consuming!

Solar panels are a wonderful investment for any home. Not only do solar panels decrease your energy bill, but they increase the value of your home.
Many solar providers will attempt to scare you into thinking that solar panels are very difficult to care for and maintain. They often do this in an attempt to convince you to lease solar panels instead of buying them.
This scare tactic should not frighten you into leasing solar panels! The truth of the matter is that solar panels are incredibly easy to care for and maintain!
In order to maintain your solar panels, once every 3-4 months, you simply have to get out your garden hose and spray off your panels. This is to remove any dust or particle buildup that will have occurred during that time.
If it has rained anytime within that time frame, then there is a very good chance that you don’t need to do anything to your solar panels at all! The best way to check is via your solar panel app which will tell you if there has been a drop in efficiency.
As far as any further solar panel maintenance: there is none! If there ever is an issue however, know that when you purchase your solar panels through Envirosolar Power, you get a 25-year manufacturer warranty (full warranty details provided upon request)  and we will handle anything that comes up, which is highly unlikely.
For more information on solar panels and the tactics used by bad solar providers, check out our page on buying vs. leasing solar panels!

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