Can I install solar panels myself?

While it is possible to install solar panels yourself we strongly do not recommend it. The process requires both licensed electrical and roofing skills to ensure the solar power system is safe and optimally designed for 25+ years of production. Errors made can cause significant damage to your home as well as your solar panels. It is always best to work with a certified contractor!

Can my HOA or neighbors prevent me from installing a solar system?

In many cases they cannot stop you from installing solar panels. Many states have solar access laws that provide varying degrees of protection against restrictions that can be imposed on you. Many new regulations are being enacted that require new homes and buildings to be built ready for solar installation. Your expert energy assessor will be able to answer any questions that you have regarding rules and regulations in your area.

Will a solar panel system affect my roof integrity?

With proper design and installation following industry best practices, your roof will maintain all its pre-solar integrity. Solar panels also increase the insulation of your rooftop and can reduce the temperature due to the sun.

Solar panels are one of the easiest investments to manage! Not only do we do all the work, there is very little you have to do after installation to maximize benefits!

Is any maintenance needed for my solar PV system? How often should solar panels be cleaned?

With limited maintenance, your solar system will operate at peak performance for many years. Cleaning intervals will vary depending on site-specific factors such as annual rainfall and proximity of factors causing dust or debris on the panels. This includes things like trees or high traffic dirt roads. It is best to consult your solar installer for a recommended cleaning schedule. Cleaning solar panels is as easy as using a garden hose to rinse them off!

How do solar systems fair in extreme weather conditions?

Our solar panels can withstand high wind and snow loads. Durable a built to last, they come with a 25 year manufacturer warranty.

To read more about our 25 year warranty, Click Here.

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