Solar is both beneficial on large scale industrial levels as well as rooftop residential. When it comes to solar storage, residential solar storage is far more beneficial to home owners than large scale solar storage is to the industry. We will save the comparison for a later post, but for now, here are some of the biggest benefits home owners receive when they combine solar panels with solar storage.

One of the most obvious benefits of solar storage is that it allows for the use of solar energy during night or periods of darkness. Throughout the day, your solar panels generate energy from the sun and supply your home with all the energy it needs for air conditioning, appliances, electronics, etc. When all the energy needs of your home are being met, the surplus is then stored in the solar battery. When the sun sets, your battery will then supply the energy needed by your home in order to keep everything powered throughout the night.

Another benefit of solar storage is that it increases the efficiency of your home’s solar panels. During periods of inactivity or when no one is in your residence, a solar battery takes advantage of the surplus energy and stores it for later use. This allows for you to maximize on solar energy that, without a storage battery, would have otherwise gone to waste.

The final benefit of solar storage that we will talk about (though there are many more) is that it saves home owners money. If the home is not completely Net Zero Energy, then there will be periods that your home will draw from the power grid. With the automated solar storage system, your system will calculate the most efficient time to draw upon the power grid when power is in least demand and cheapest. This will save you significant money over the lifetime of the solar storage battery.

With solar storage and solar panels, you are not only saving the environment, you are saving money as well. At Envirosolar Power, we make this smart choice easy!

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