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When you are considering going solar, there are a number of questions that every home owner asks. One of the most common questions we hear and have written about is: should you buy or lease solar panels?
The next most frequently asked question we hear from home owners interested in solar is: when is the best time to go solar?
The answer is not unlike the age old adage about the best time to plant a tree. “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” Except of course, the fact that solar didn’t exist 20 years ago on a residential level.
So the true answer is: go solar right now! Going solar today  is easier and cheaper than it has ever been.
The time of year for going solar in the long run will not matter over the lifetime of your solar panels. What does matter is that at the end of 2016, current solar tax incentives are going to be reduced significantly.
To have your many questions answered, we suggest signing up for a no obligation, completely free, in-home energy assessment where our experts can answer all your questions about adding solar panels to your home. By going solar today, you are ensuring a better tomorrow!

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