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Envirosolar Power was founded by CEO Abe Issa on the principle of helping homeowners transform their home into a self-sustaining solar energy machine! While other companies may manage other efficiency products, we specialize in customers experiencing the benefits of clean, renewable power, lower utility bills, and smart home integrations.

Take back control of your energy bill while joining the movement to #SolarizeAmerica. Our goal is to see 15% of America’s electric grid run by solar power by 2025.

Company Figures you may be interested in: 

We are a top 10 national solar company 
Over 20mw of solar originated in the last 24 months. 
Over 30,000,000 of kWh generated per year by our customers
- ~32,672,577 lbs of CO2 emissions avoided per year
- ~170,852 tree-powered CO2 absorbing equivalent