“Our bill this August compared to last August has been reduced by $100, even though more people live in our house now. I expect that our electric bill will be reduced to zero for some months of the year.”

The cost of solar has gone down by 70% since 2010, and if you haven’t put your roof to work yet, you have been missing out on tremendous cost savings millions of other home owners have realized. We are Envirosolar Power, and we are here to help you get maximum returns from your own energy efficiency journey.

There are thousands of resources on the Internet providing plenty of reasons to go solar. Depending on the geographic area you live in, the financial incentives, rebates, and ways that your utility pays you for the power your system generates will vary. We can tell you however, the top ten reasons Envirosolar Power customers tell us they made the switch from their electricity providers to their own home power generation. It all begins with home owners discovering specifically how much money and energy they are wasting, which is often a shocking realization once they receive their free in-home Envirosolar Power energy assessment.

Our energy assessment process is simple. You schedule your appointment and one of our highly trained professionals will arrive to perform your assessment. It usually takes up to two hours to check for solar electric compatibilities, thermal intolerances, unbalanced HVAC systems, roof structure, air leaks, shade issues, and more.

While we believe in solar as a main solution to your energy improvements and efficiencies (of course we do!), home owners have zero obligation to purchase anything from our company. If you hire a company to perform an energy audit, it could cost several hundred dollars. Envirosolar Power’s immediate value to you is that we provide a free, highly-valuable plan for home owners to address discovered issues. In addition to a full education about solar options, we will suggest free or low-cost DIY solutions as well as possibilities for efficient smart-home upgrades. There is zero risk, and you will be happy our friendly professionals showed you cost savings actions you can take on your own.

Our Customers’ Top Ten Reasons For Going Solar in 2019

  1. Taking advantage of the 30% Federal Tax Credit before it is reduced downward on December 31st, 2019

  2. Greatly reducing or even completely doing away with monthly electric fees from electric utilities

  3. Potential increased value of real estate, especially if considering how to compete in a housing market with falling prices

  4. Helping the planet reduce dependency on fossil fuels

  5. Outmaneuvering and lowering home energy costs as the price of electricity keeps steadily rising over time

  6. 25-Year manufacturer warranties for system performance

  7. Looking cool and shining as a neighborhood example

  8. Local, state-by-state incentives

  9. Being part of an energy revolution in America

  10. Smart-home advancements that connect the home together, such as smart thermostats, energy monitoring, and more

What is your main motivator? Let us know, and we can help you achieve the most from what moves you to go solar in 2019.

Envirosolar Options

Your Home Can Generate Power, Even On Cloudy Days


Solar power generation is the energy of the future. If you are wondering how solar power works in a solar powered home, the energy your system produces won’t be stored in batteries (in conventional installations). When you make solar power, your installation converts the sun’s rays from DC power to AC power (using an inverter), which then sends electricity back to the electric grid. If you have ever heard of meters “running backwards”, that’s what it means. Your house becomes a mini power utility!

One of the advantages of solar energy is that no matter how high the price of electricity rises over the years, your system will still produce the same amount of power. Some months, you may use more power than your system generates (such as winter, when there is less sun). In other times, your system will generate much more power than your household uses, creating a surplus of energy.

Depending on where you live, your local utility may offer utility bill credits toward next month’s bill. This is called “Net Metering” or “Net Energy Metering”. Ask your Envirosolar professional about your local utility’s Net Metering policies to be sure you understand how your local geographical location will work with any solar installation you move forward with. 


Monitor and Control Inbound Energy As Well Your Home Appliances

Envirosolar Power Smart Home App

The future has arrived! Now you can control your energy costs from your own hand, no matter where you are. Turn down your thermostat remotely from a restaurant, control your locks, appliances, and a variety of Internet-of-Things electronics throughout your home.

From learning about energy trends (hint: electricity will keep rising in price) to the types of solar panels that would be the best fit for your budget and home situation, Envirosolar Power is here to serve. Here are just a few examples of reasons to go solar with smart-home integration today:

Yearly Electricity price increases.png

Utility Prices Will Keep On Rising

It’s a FACT: Utility costs will keep rising over time. Why pay extra money for dirty fossil-fuel powered electricity when you can lower your bills with the sun?

Types of Solar Panels.png

Not All Solar Panels Are The Same

Different types of solar panels have certain benefits. We can help you determine the right type and fit for your home.

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Envirosolar Power - Nation-wide!

With a growth rate of over 36,000%, Envirosolar Power is leading the solar revolution in America. Join the movement!

Envirosolar Residential Installations

Beautiful Solar Designs

Envirosolar makes sure you get the best design with the maximum return on power. Your investment should be beautiful and functional.