2019 Is The Year To Go Solar And Save Big With Tax Incentives!

reduce your energy bills, save money, and help the planet

On December 31st, 2019, a huge advantage for installing solar panels and saving money is being phased out. Solar panels are a wonderful investment for any home, and with so many incentives to help offset costs, it makes sense to purchase solar in 2019.

Not only do solar panels decrease your energy bill, multiple studies also cite home equity results.

  • Put your roof to work for you

  • Decrease your utility bills

  • Take advantage of rebates and tax credits

  • Work within your budget and financing to achieve your home goals

  • 25-Year manufacturer warranty guarantees your panel efficiency

  • Combine your solar installation with Intellismart Homes for security and automation

Customer Installations

Envirosolar Is With You Every Step Of The Journey

Choosing to go solar is a big financial decision, and we understand you want to ensure your purchase is a smart investment. Envirosolar has improved as a company over the years, and we have solar installations and after-sale support down to a science. That’s why the professional performing your home energy assessment is not your only contact with our company. Each customer is assigned a Project Coordinator as well as Quality Assurance representative. For every procedural aspect of the solar installation, we keep you informed of upcoming steps in your installation. Here is an example of an email communication keeping you informed of the installation status.

How we communicate.png